What’s On – 2019/20

5 September 2019 – Balloon Night
Hosted by Mr B’Loon

19 September 2019 – The Committee Entertain
Hosted by George Speirs

3 October 2019 – Workshop: Thumb Tips and Magnets
Hosted by Paul Armour

17 October 2019 – Steve Beam Lecture
Hosted by Peter McLanachan (£10 entry for non-members)

31 October 2019 – Spooky Magic Themed Night
Hosted by Professor Cogsworth

7 November 2019 – Flashback: Looking back at early years (DVD) and Classic Magic
Hosted by Brian Jeffrey

21 November 2019 – One Trick and Children’s Competition (Open Night)
Hosted by Alan Bowen
Entrants to the One Trick Competition will perform one trick only.

5 December 2019 – Christmas Party
Hosted by George Spiers

9 January 2020 – Tom Stone Lecture
Hosted by Peter McLanachan (£10 entry for non-members)

16 January 2020 – Grab Bag/Mystery Trick
Hosted by Tommy Templeton

30 January 2020 – Mentalism Workshop Night
Hosted by Terry McEwan

6 February 2020 – Paisley Magic Circle Club Competitions: Close Up, Stand Up and Novice (Open Night)
Hosted by Alan Bowen
Entrants to the Novice Competition are members who have been members of Paisley Magic Circle for a short time. The winners will join Club Competition winners on the President’s Night.

20 February 2020 – David Lees Lecture
Hosted by George Spiers (£10 entry for non-members)

5 March 2020 – 50/50 High Tea and Close Up
Hosted by George Spiers

19 March 2020 – New Item/Routine Night
Hosted by Jason Ward

2 April 2020 – Inter Club Night
Hosted by George Speirs

16 April 2020 – Gary Dunn Lecture and Dealer Dem
Hosted by Tommy Templeton (£10 entry for non-members)

30 April 2020 – Request Night
Hosted by Jason Ward

7 May 2020 – Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The members’ opportunity to express an opinion on the running of the Club and elect Council members for 2020/21. Strictly members only.

21 May 2020 – President’s Night: “The End Of Term Party” (Open Night)
Hosted by George Spiers
End of term party for members, family and friends.